Jesus is the only Way

I know this title could be offensive to a lot of people but today I was talking to my mom about how the truth is offensive. Jesus offended a lot of people during his time on the earth but he spoke the truth because he loved people. I want all of you to know the truth. I want everyone in the world to come to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ so that they can have joy and peace and hope here on earth but also so that they can have a life with God in heaven when they die. The Bible says that there is only one way to get to Heaven.  In John 14:6 it says  “I am the way the truth and the life. no one comes to the father except through me.” Jesus was talking and He was talking about His father, God.

It might be offensive but it’s the truth and I want you all to experience God’s love and forgiveness and be in Heaven when you die so that’s why I share this good news. You don’t have to do anything but believe and put your whole life in his hands. Jesus  did it all. That’s good news!

A few words about condemnation

Most of us judge people for some reason, even if we don’t mean to. I’ve come to realize that I do this as well. But something else I realized is that Everyone has different struggles and just because I don’t struggle with whatever I/m judging them for does not make me a better Christian. I struggle with a lot of things and I wouldn’t want someone judging me for those. We’re all on a journey and none of us have “arrived”.

there are a lot of things that I think we as Christians, decide in our hearts are worse sins than others though. And That’s just not right. All sin is equal and deserving of punishment. Who do we think we are that we can say that someone who struggles with alcoholism, gossiping, extramarital affairs or yes, even something like murder (just to name a few) is worse than we are? Take King David or Saul/ Paul in the Bible for examples. We’ve created some kind of heirarchy of sins in our minds/hearts that never existed to God. Why? Just to make ourselves feel better because we don’t do THAT sin? 

We all need a reminder sometimes of who Jesus came to love and save and it wasn’t just you or me. It wasn’t just for the REALLY bad people.  It was everyone, who ever did ANY sin. So let’s love people despite their obvious flaws!!