Eating for eternity: What?!

I know this title is a bit ridiculous but let me explain…
Healthy eating is always something I’ve been passionate about, after all, our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit so shouldn’t we be concerned about what goes in them?! I still firmly believe that we need to be not over eating or having lack of self-control as the Bible teaches, but for about a couple years before I was diagnosed with cancer, I was not just trying to eat healthy but I was getting into some of the crazier fad diet type things. The Holy Spirit convicts us each of what we should be doing and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with those in general but the craziest thing happened to me with regard to eating, around the time that I was diagnosed. I was a firm believer that cancer feeds on sugar so when I thought that I had cancer I completely stopped eating sugar. (Because although I’m an advocate for healthy eating and I generally always eat healthy meals, I struggle with an addiction to sugar in my snacking habits)
Once I stopped eating sugar I felt very sick. I was hardly eating anything and I was not enjoying life because I was so consumed with making sure I didn’t eat sugar. I felt like the Holy Spirit said to me “who do you think is in control? you or me? eat what you want. I’ll take care of this.” I wasn’t quite sure what to think of that but I knew it was true. He was in control of what would happen with my cancer, not me. But Wasn’t it also true that cancer feeds on sugar? My first oncologist appointment was not long after that and I asked her about what I should be eating and about cancer feeding on sugar. she said that cancer is totally independent of anything. it doesn’t have anything to do with what you eat or do and cancer feeding on sugar is ridiculous. I was so mad at her. Everyone knows cancer feeds on sugar!! I remember going out for lunch with my husband after that appointment and just sitting there in silence for about five minutes thinking about what she said and being upset. And then it just hit me “the Lord gave me this oncologist and told me to listen to her and do what she says and all she’s doing is reiterating what I felt the Holy Spirit just said to me a few days earlier” All of a sudden I felt a huge burden lifted off of me and I felt completely free! I started to just eat normal foods-healthy for the most part- but I wasn’t consumed with wondering if I was causing my cancer to grow faster because of what I was eating. I knew God was in control of the outcome. So because of all of that I now have a different take on healthy eating. God wants us to live in freedom, not in bondage. And if we think that we are that in control of when we’re going to die or what diseases we may acquire, we are sorrily mistaken. Don’t get me wrong, eating tons of sugar your whole life will probably make you a diabetic and therefore you won’t have The quality of life God designed for you. God instructs us against over indulgence because it isn’t good for us. If you have an addiction issue it’s going to take time and the Holy Spirit helping you. It probably won’t feel very freeing but once you’ve overcome that sin, there is freedom. I now have the freedom to eat a cookie with sugar every now and again and make meals with store-bought Ketchup that has a teeny bit of sugar in it and I don’t need to feel guilty. (when I do need to feel convicted is when I’ve eaten five cookies!) All that to say, here is the part of my blog where I will give you cooking ideas and tried and tested yummy recipes (that may have a bit of sugar) but living for eternity is about living in freedom and enjoying life as well!! Its also about taking into consideration what our hubbys and children enjoy eating as well as entertaining others and hosting people in our homes. We want people to want to come to our homes, feel at ease and enjoy what they’re eating!