Decorating and Crafting for Eternity

I know this is a silly name because how can our decorations and crafts bring glory to God and help anyone to see that living for Jesus is the way to go?! The way to eternal life. But I believe they can.
For one thing God gives us passions and abilities not just for things like evangelism and discipleship but he also gives us earthly passions. I believe he gave me a passion to decorate and craft because it makes me a relatable human being and I can have conversations with people about something other than church all the time.
The other reason I think decorating and crafts brings glory to God is that I can showcase his creations through nature art as well as family photos. I can also make signs with Bible verses on them and display them in my house for others to see, but also to remind myself and my family of what life is about.
So in this section of my blog I will give you some ideas that I’ve found and also crafts that I’ve made. Be aware, I’m not the most talented, but that doesn’t stop me from trying!