why Canning is so great!

I’m sure I’m behind the times on how great canning is but I have a new found love for it!! I’ve always loved the thought of my pantry being full of jars of homemade goods right from my own garden but I wasn’t able to have my own garden until just last year. This year I didn’t have a lot of success because I was in Saskatchewan for most of the summer being tended to for my cancer treatment issues. But…when I got home I was so excited to see a bunch of rhubarb had grown!! And I’m so pleased to say that I now have Jars of strawberry rhubarb fruit in my pantry “ready to go”. And that’s actually the point of writing this, is to say how awesome canning is for on the go mamas (or people in general;) Taking a jar of fruit  along in the car for hungry kids (or moms) is so much easier than trying to cut up fresh fruit in the am and keep it from getting squished and juices going all of the car on the drive and it’s so much healthier than having packaged food.  And, if you happen to leave it in the car overnight, it’s still good the next day! The other great thing is you can just grab your rhubarb and eat it anytime of the year unlike fresh fruit that has to be in season or taking fruit out of the freezer that you have to let thaw to make your smoothie or pie.

Oh canning… such a sense of accomplishment and happiness to see all those jars so neatly lined up and have the taste of summer in the middle of winter.

Our ancestors knew a thing or 2 about food. Even though they did it out of necessity, it is still a great idea for today and very tasty. I like to do it now because it makes me feel like a pioneer woman, and because it tastes good and is portable but also because I love to learn about ways to live in the wilderness just incase I need to!

What I need to learn now is how to distinguish between the good foods to eat and preserve in the forest and the poisonous ones. I can tell blueberries, strawberries, and chokecherries but what about mushrooms, or other berries and leaves that I don’t even know about. Something to study up on…

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