Things I’m learning on my cancer journey

(1-5 Originally written January/2018)

  1. Life is not about this life. Think eternally 
  2. Don’t worry about what you eat /striving to keep ridiculously healthy. God’s got it all figured out and it doesn’t matter too much what you do. We all have to die sometime. He wants you to enjoy life! Not be in bondage.
  3. Don’t hold so tightly to this life and the things of this life including our kids. They are His. (Ecclesiastes) Hold them loosely.
  4. Let go of control and having things done “right” and let Your husband lead, giving him grace to make mistakes. 
  5. Take the time to think about what’s great in your life. The things you’ve seen in the past and present that have been changed for the better or always were great. Be grateful for everything! Never forget what God has done. He didn’t have to give us anything, but he wanted to because He loves us.

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