My cancer journey Part 2: An overview

You know how you’ve heard of cancer taking over a persons life for a year…Well, they mean it. I didn’t think it was that crazy busy at the time because I was just doing what I needed to do but looking back over the last eight months, it really was busy. Not only because of all the cancer appointments, but in between that I still had a life to live and two kids to raise. Thankfully between my mom, Jons mom and Jon, I didn’t have to go to or do everything that would normally be required of a wife/mom/friend etc.

Here’s an overview. I’ll write how I was feeling through it all in the next post.

November 7: Dr.appnt for the lump. Sent for an ultrasound and then a mammogram.

November 14:  biopsy

November 21: diagnosis-cancer. started on antibiotics for 2 separate unrelated infections which made me very sick.

November 27: pelvic ultrasound to see if cancer had spread. It hadn’t.

November 23: surgery consultation diagnosis: in-operable tumour due to size

November 28: bone scan. clear.

November 29: CT scan. diagnosis- stage 3. cancer had spread to lymph nodes.

November 30: another biopsy

December 5: 1st appointment with the oncologist

December 8: 1st chemo treatment

December 12: wig shopping. Feeling sick.

December 19: lab work

December 20: oncologist appointment

December 21: clip placement for surgery

December 22: 2nd chemo

December 25: Christmas at home. sick.

January 2: lab work

January 3: oncologist appointment

January 5: 3rd chemo

Faith and Remington start skating lessons

January 15: cardio appointment

January 16: lab work

January 17: oncologist appointment

January 19: 4th chemo. last one of that drug

January 30: lab work

January 31: oncologist appointment

February 2: 1st of the next chemo drug. unable to go to Mexico for a Berstad family holiday as planned:(

February 13: lab work

February 14: oncologist appointment

February 15: 2nd surgeon appointment

February 16: 2nd round of new chemo

Ski lessons for kids

February 27: lab work

February 28: oncologist appointment

March 2: 3rd round of chemo

March 7: 1st appointment with plastic surgeon

March 13: 1st appointment with radiation oncologist.  lab work.

March 14: oncologist appointment. Another ultrasound

March 16: last round of chemo

Remington‘s 4th birthday

March 26: CT scan

March 27: lab work

March 28: oncologist appointment

April 5: 3rd appointment with surgeon. Faith starts dance lessons.

April 17: 2nd appointment with the plastic surgeon

April 19: anesthesiologist appointment

April 20: mastectomy surgery

April 26: drains taken out

May 3:  appointment with surgeon

May 7: physio

May 16: oncologist appointment.          soccer starts for Remington.

May 18: 1st day of oral chemo meds which will end in November

May 24: physio

June 5: lab work

June 6: faiths birthday. organized a full day of events.

June 12: radiation begins

June 13-15: radiation

June 18-22: Radiation

June 25-29: Radiation.                                 Lab work. Oncologist appointmentPostponed chemo meds for a week due to burns starting.

July 1-4 Radiation

July 8: off to Saskatchewan to heal from Burns and continue with help. dressing changes twice a day which I’m still doing.

After this I will just be on chemo pills until November and then regular check ups and CT scans to monitor me.                                      And hopefully no cancer returns…             so that will be THE END!!






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