My journey to eternity: first blog post

Originally written January/2018

(I’m just new to this blog thing so it’s taking me a while to get it all figured out;)

I’m calling my blog “my journey to eternity” not because Im sure I’m going to die of the cancer I’ve been diagnosed with, but because I know I’m going to die sometime. we are all on a journey to eternity. so this blog is basically me writing about the different stages of my life here on earth (the challenges and joys) and how my desire is to live life focused on eternal things, not temporal things. 

That doesn’t mean if I make it through this, that I won’t write a few blogs about some of my passions “of this life” including crafting, organizing, money management and pioneer life but mostly I’ll write about what I’m learning regarding being a woman who fears the Lord, honors her husband, raises her kids Gods way and is a light for Jesus in her community. (And let me be the first to admit that I am certainly not doing this perfectly, or even well most of the time!!) But by the grace of God I continue to learn and grow.

My name is Tiffany haensel. I’m a Christian, a wife, a mom, a licensed practical nurse (albeit very casually) and a recently diagnosed breast cancer patient.

Life is looking a little different for me these days. We can’t predict what the future holds nor can we always change the outcome but we CAN choose how we will react and who we will lean on in the situations we are faced with. If we keep our focus on the things of the Lord, we will not easily be shaken when the storm comes.


2 thoughts on “My journey to eternity: first blog post

  1. Tiffany, I’m in awe of the comfort and strength God has given to you. You are a strong lady. How are you doing? You’re so right when you talk about God being an anchor. About how this is a life not to hold so tightly too. We have a wonderful life waiting. I cannot imagine. This life here is hard. Trying to figure out how to go through it day by day. So greatful He is walking beside us. Thank you for sharing your journey. You are a reminder to us all of God’s infinite love. I pray God give healing and much peace to you and your family. Big Hugs!


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