Decorating and Crafting for Eternity

I know this is a silly name because how can our decorations and crafts bring glory to God and help anyone to see that living for Jesus is the way to go?! The way to eternal life. But I believe they can.
For one thing God gives us passions and abilities not just for things like evangelism and discipleship but he also gives us earthly passions. I believe he gave me a passion to decorate and craft because it makes me a relatable human being and I can have conversations with people about something other than church all the time.
The other reason I think decorating and crafts brings glory to God is that I can showcase his creations through nature art as well as family photos. I can also make signs with Bible verses on them and display them in my house for others to see, but also to remind myself and my family of what life is about.
So in this section of my blog I will give you some ideas that I’ve found and also crafts that I’ve made. Be aware, I’m not the most talented, but that doesn’t stop me from trying!

Christmas Eve service Testimony

As promised, here’s my speech from Christmas Eve. It will also be in the Cochrane Alliance website for anyone that wants to listen to it.

Question #1

Pastor: Tiffany, you’ve been through quite the year, dominated by cancer. Tell us about that and how you thought God might use it for good.


First of all, I’ll just give you some background. I have a soft spot in my heart for hurting and lost people so…

a few years ago I prayed that God would use me to show people how much Jesus loves them even if it meant that I would have to go through something difficult. When I discovered a lump on October 24 of last year I was pretty sure what path I would be headed down and that it would somehow be used to tell people about the good news of Jesus. 

at that time I had three thoughts go through my mind that I felt were from God. this is cancer. I don’t want you to research or stress and you will die at 33 from this disease. I was turning 33 in a few weeks. 

I went in to my Doctor a couple weeks later Who sent me for an ultrasound right away even though I had zero risk factors. the ultrasound tech told me they wouldn’t give me a mammogram unless they deemed it necessary and they gave me a mammogram within minutes of the ultrasound. the radiologist then came in and said we think this is something really bad and we are sending you for a biopsy. I looked at him and said I think I’m going to puke😀 i knew that’s what was coming but I was still scared of the unknown. I had the biopsy and the results came in a week later that it was cancer. The next step would normally be surgery but the surgeon informed us that the cancer was too far gone to do surgery. it had spread to my lymph nodes…and was continuing to spread as we were going to all of these appointments. needless to say we were anxious to get the process going. We met with the oncologist who told us that this was a very aggressive cancer and diagnosed me as stage III. 

The next 8 months provided a host of treatments to get rid of the cancer. 

It started with the most powerful IV chemotherapy they had and I got some pretty awful side effects from that including your usual hair loss, nausea, headache and extreme exhaustion which lasted for 10 days out of every 2 week cycle. 

chemo ended March 16 and it was very bittersweet for me. I was glad to be done it but really loved the time I got to spend with my husband at what I called our “chemo dates”

Next up was surgery. they removed the rest of the tumour and 24 lymph nodes, two of which still had cancer in them. I was sent home with 2 drains poking out of my side and a strict order from my surgeon to move my arm a lot! I couldn’t even lift my hand off my leg! I had a month to recover from that and then started oral chemo meds and radiation at the same time which offered up their own list of side effects including 3rd degree burns. but thankfully no pain because I was still numb from surgery!

all treatment ended November 8 of this year which was exactly one year from my first doctor appointment. 

At this point, I just have the ongoing issue of tiredness and swelling in my arm (for which I get to wear this lovely garment for the rest of my life-a compression sleeve) and I’ll be getting CT scans every three months for the next two years as my oncologist says I’m still high risk for it to return. I’m thanking the Lord for continued peace on that one as that is still a bit scary. 

question #2

Pastor: Tiffany, you told me that God have you some gifts during this time. That’s weird! Tell us more about that.

Me: after remembering all of the physical symptoms over the year I can see how it was really awful but this year was one of the best years of my life all thanks to God. physically, yes, this was the worst year of my life but that cannot possibly compare with the fact that it’s been the best emotional, mental and spiritual year of my life. God gave me so many gifts and blessings and I would love to tell you about every one of them in detail but Jason is only giving me three minutes so I’ll have to settle for telling you about my top 3! 

when I first felt God’s spirit telling me that this was cancer and that I would probably die, the Lord washed me over with feelings of peace, joy and hope that have never left me this entire year. I can count on one hand the number of times that I cried out to God in sadness. one time in particular I was thinking about what life would be like for Jon losing me and raising the kids on his own, what life would be like for the kids to grow up not even remembering their mom who they spent every day of their life with, what it would be like for my parents to watch their little girl die when that is not supposed to be the order of things and then I thought about myself not getting to grow old with my husband, watch my kids get married or see what they would become in life. Even though those were real emotions that I was having, the overwhelming feelings that I had were the peace joy and hope. I can’t describe to you how amazingly blessed I feel that the Lord would give me such gifts during a time like this. I had such deep feelings of peace that no matter what happened the Lord had it all under control. I completely trusted Him knowing that his plan was the best plan. I remember one time Jon and I were sitting at a restaurant in Canmore after I had just had some kind of scan and I looked out at the mountains and said “God created these huge mountains and he can move them.” I just knew that if He wanted me to survive then it didn’t matter how bleak the circumstances looked he could do it and if the plan was for me to die then there was a greater purpose in that, that we just couldn’t see. 

the peace That he gave me was exactly what is talked about in the Bible verse when it says “the peace that passes all understanding”. it’s hard to imagine until you’ve experienced it but it’s real and it’s amazing.

the joy that he gave me was in comprehensible as well. I was so joyful that it felt like it was bubbling out of me! I was so excited by the fact that I felt God had chosen to use me to tell people about his love and that’s why I feel that he gave me the gifts he did. to show people that he is real, he is powerful, he loves us to a depth we could never understand and he hurts when we are hurting. but that doesn’t mean that he will always fix the situation like we would want him to. when you have the joy of the Lord it no longer matters what the circumstance is or what the results are. it doesn’t make any sense to be joyful during a time like this but I can assure you that I was. 

The gift of hope that he gave me is a gift I’ve probably had for a long time but it came to the surface because death was roaring it’s head in front of me and I instantly grabbed on to what I’ve always known and that is the hope that can only come through Jesus and knowing who’s got your back during hard times in this life but also knowing where you’re going if you were to die and I have the hope of both of those.

Question #3:

Pastor:what would you say to someone needing hope tonight?

Me:I would say to any of you that Jesus is the answer to all of your challenges. there’s no other hope to find but in him. that doesn’t mean that when you put your trust in Jesus everything goes perfectly. Christian’s still experience struggles. I struggled for five years before this with having small children but I never gave up on Jesus and he never gave up on me. while I rarely experienced the feelings during that time, like I have had this year, I always knew God was with me, that he deeply loved me and he cared about the hurt that I was experiencing. 

I don’t know what any of you are going through or if any of you are faced with the thought of death but I had started to plan my funeral and had written Jason a note of exactly what I wanted him to say. I was not only at peace with dying but I was excited about it because I knew where I was going based on a decision I made years ago to ask for Jesus forgiveness and fully trust and believe in him as the one and only saviour. I wanted everyone to hear about Jesus love and his plan to save them because there is nothing that shouts out hope more than that! but now I get the privilege of sharing that hope with you while I’m still alive instead. that is so exciting to me. The hope that I have does not come from knowing God will heal me in this life, the hope that I have is knowing I’m walking this life with God present and loving me through every difficult situation as well as knowing that when this life ends for me I will be in heaven with God. now that is hope! that is amazing news! that’s why Christian’s say the story of Jesus is good news. we can have a relationship with God by accepting that Jesus is God’s Son, born to die for our sins- all of your sins-it doesn’t matter what you’ve done wrong-so that we could not only live in heaven with him but have a vibrant life here on earth! that’s true love and that’s what God did for you and me.  I have made the conscience choice to walk this life with God and i can tell you, it is much better than without Him. 

There is great hope in this baby that we’re celebrating tonight. 

Oh, And one more thing, as for the dying at 33, I just celebrated my 34th birthday! 

I don’t have time to tell you what I think about that but if you want to read more about my journey you can look at my Facebook or blog for that info.

Jesus is the only Way

I know this title could be offensive to a lot of people but today I was talking to my mom about how the truth is offensive. Jesus offended a lot of people during his time on the earth but he spoke the truth because he loved people. I want all of you to know the truth. I want everyone in the world to come to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ so that they can have joy and peace and hope here on earth but also so that they can have a life with God in heaven when they die. The Bible says that there is only one way to get to Heaven.  In John 14:6 it says  “I am the way the truth and the life. no one comes to the father except through me.” Jesus was talking and He was talking about His father, God.

It might be offensive but it’s the truth and I want you all to experience God’s love and forgiveness and be in Heaven when you die so that’s why I share this good news. You don’t have to do anything but believe and put your whole life in his hands. Jesus  did it all. That’s good news!

Christmas Eve service

I go to a wonderful church in Cochrane. my pastor has asked me to speak about my cancer journey a few times and I’m always away so I finally agreed to postpone Christmas with our families and speak this Christmas Eve. I don’t know why this is more nerve-wracking to me than speaking at other events but it is.  Trying to put all of my thoughts and feelings and the physical side of the last year into a 9 minute speech is very difficult! I have so much I want to say but I guess that’s why I have this blog so I can talk as much as I want 😉  so much has gone on this last year and so much of it has been joy filled despite the circumstances so the verse that is popping into my head today is

“ The joy of the Lord will be your strength”

I hope that people can see despite my nerves how much joy has filled my heart this year and how excited I am about living life for Jesus!

When I’m done speaking at the Christmas Eve service I will post on here what I said. Come out and hear me as well as others speaking about the  hope we have in Jesus at the Cochrane Alliance Church Christmas Eve service at 4:00 and 6:00!

Wives for Eternity

My husband isn’t much into Internet stuff and blogging but if he were to read me writing on “wives for eternity” he might laugh! No, he probably wouldn’t, but I am the first to admit that I am not a perfect wife. I do try very hard and I pray a lot about this area though. I want so much to be “a wife of noble character who is worth far more than rubies” as the book of proverbs says.
So, I have done much studying on how to be a good wife. A wife who is loving and very respectful. I fall in this area so many times but by the grace of God he keeps working on me.One of the things I’ve always known but I’ve been learning more about is God’s desire for the man to be the head of the home and to lead. Everyone knows that a well functioning business or anything needs 1 leader and someone to follow. If you have too many “cooks in the kitchen” things don’t go well. Woman struggle in this area alot I think. Most of us want our husbands to lead and make all the hard decisions but we have a hard time letting him. We like to take over when we think he’s not doing a good enough job. Well, I’ve been learning that like it or not, he’s suppose to be the leader because God gave him specific gifts for that job. Men are generally better at keeping their emotions out of things and making logical decisions and They’re protectors and providers by nature. they’re usually independent, able to focus on their task, they’re strong, courageous and often assertive…making them perfect for the leadership role.

We need to submit to this God ordained plan ladies! This doesn’t mean that we become door mats, running to our husbands every beckon call, but it does mean that we need to be mindful that he’s the head of the home and pray for him, daily, to be the man God has called him to be…a man who submits to and obeys God…because then its easy to follow!

There is a lot more to say on this subject but for now, I want to just say “follow your husband and most of all follow the Lord”

House Designs/Plans: My most favourite hobby!

Ok, I can’t think of any way that this can be used for eternity but one of my most favourite things to do is design floor plans so I just thought I’d stick some in here for fun! I have absolutely no education or experience in this other than sitting on the living room floor and drawing. My husband was an awesome framer for many years building some of the most beautiful houses ever so it’s quite fun showing him my designs and then getting his input and expertise. If this blog ever becomes something people read and you’re ever building a house and were inspired by one of my designs, please let me know! That would be so cool😄
And hopefully one day I can post on here about building a house of our own using one of my designs!
I don’t have a clue how to design on the computer so I’m just going to copy and paste some pictures of my drawings!

Eating for eternity: What?!

I know this title is a bit ridiculous but let me explain…
Healthy eating is always something I’ve been passionate about, after all, our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit so shouldn’t we be concerned about what goes in them?! I still firmly believe that we need to be not over eating or having lack of self-control as the Bible teaches, but for about a couple years before I was diagnosed with cancer, I was not just trying to eat healthy but I was getting into some of the crazier fad diet type things. The Holy Spirit convicts us each of what we should be doing and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with those in general but the craziest thing happened to me with regard to eating, around the time that I was diagnosed. I was a firm believer that cancer feeds on sugar so when I thought that I had cancer I completely stopped eating sugar. (Because although I’m an advocate for healthy eating and I generally always eat healthy meals, I struggle with an addiction to sugar in my snacking habits)
Once I stopped eating sugar I felt very sick. I was hardly eating anything and I was not enjoying life because I was so consumed with making sure I didn’t eat sugar. I felt like the Holy Spirit said to me “who do you think is in control? you or me? eat what you want. I’ll take care of this.” I wasn’t quite sure what to think of that but I knew it was true. He was in control of what would happen with my cancer, not me. But Wasn’t it also true that cancer feeds on sugar? My first oncologist appointment was not long after that and I asked her about what I should be eating and about cancer feeding on sugar. she said that cancer is totally independent of anything. it doesn’t have anything to do with what you eat or do and cancer feeding on sugar is ridiculous. I was so mad at her. Everyone knows cancer feeds on sugar!! I remember going out for lunch with my husband after that appointment and just sitting there in silence for about five minutes thinking about what she said and being upset. And then it just hit me “the Lord gave me this oncologist and told me to listen to her and do what she says and all she’s doing is reiterating what I felt the Holy Spirit just said to me a few days earlier” All of a sudden I felt a huge burden lifted off of me and I felt completely free! I started to just eat normal foods-healthy for the most part- but I wasn’t consumed with wondering if I was causing my cancer to grow faster because of what I was eating. I knew God was in control of the outcome. So because of all of that I now have a different take on healthy eating. God wants us to live in freedom, not in bondage. And if we think that we are that in control of when we’re going to die or what diseases we may acquire, we are sorrily mistaken. Don’t get me wrong, eating tons of sugar your whole life will probably make you a diabetic and therefore you won’t have The quality of life God designed for you. God instructs us against over indulgence because it isn’t good for us. If you have an addiction issue it’s going to take time and the Holy Spirit helping you. It probably won’t feel very freeing but once you’ve overcome that sin, there is freedom. I now have the freedom to eat a cookie with sugar every now and again and make meals with store-bought Ketchup that has a teeny bit of sugar in it and I don’t need to feel guilty. (when I do need to feel convicted is when I’ve eaten five cookies!) All that to say, here is the part of my blog where I will give you cooking ideas and tried and tested yummy recipes (that may have a bit of sugar) but living for eternity is about living in freedom and enjoying life as well!! Its also about taking into consideration what our hubbys and children enjoy eating as well as entertaining others and hosting people in our homes. We want people to want to come to our homes, feel at ease and enjoy what they’re eating!